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More Trolley Routes

Photo by Mike Nice

The trolley routes in Greenville will be rearranged, and 2 new trolleys and 2 new routes added. They will now serve more than just the West End as shown in this sidewalk collage.

See the trolley schedule and routes at Greenlink Trolley and get the free trolley tracker app from

Side note: this tile collage by Suzanne Vitti also lists the sister cities for Greenville: Bergamo, Italy, Kortrijk, Belgium, Tianjin, China.

Henry Memorial Park

The Henry Memorial pocket Park is at the corner of Cleveland Street and Jones Avenue. John A. Henry influenced Greenville’s beautification during his lifetime (1899-1971).

The John A Henry referenced on the sign doesn’t seem to have much of an Internet presence which is understandable since he came before the Internet era. Does anyone know more about his Greenville beautification projects?

Photo by Mike Nice

GRAVITY Dodgeball Tournament

Photo by Mike Nice

The first annual GRAVITY Dodgeball Tournament was held on Saturday at The Well. It was organized by the Greenville Police department and anyone could gather a team and join the competition. The proceeds of the tournament will go to benefit the Greenville police department’s anti-gang and anti-violence GRAVITY programs – GRAVITY stands for Gang Reduction and Violence Intervention Targeting Youth.