Creative Commons

The web site ( will disappear. But some photos could be useful to someone – either as historic reference or as art. So Denton Harryman, Frank Mansbach and I have decided to release our photos dating back to 2006 under a Creative Commons license. The Greenville Daily Photo archives will be hosted on Flickr’s Creative Commons, hopefully for a long time. The photos are presented as album groups for convenient browsing. And they’ll show up in searches for Creative Commons images.

This does not affect photos from the guest Flickr Pool contributors and those remain under the original license to that photographer.

5 Responses to “Creative Commons”

  1. William Kendall

    Hopefully closing this site up doesn’t lead to the url getting hijacked by a spammer. I’ve seen that happen with other blogs.

    • Mike Nice

      Good point – Denton will hang onto the domain for a while to let the search engines realize that there’s nothing there to hijack.

  2. Linda Walcroft

    That’s very generous. I recently heard from someone who visited a historic site after seeing a photo that I posted of it over a decade ago.

    • Mike Nice

      It’s always interesting to hear stories about the unexpected impacts that the photos can have.

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