March Theme day: Aging

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

These barrels at the Quest Brewing Company are in the process of creating special aged beer. The aged beers are cultured and flavored by the previous barrel contents and take several months to reach the desired quality. Shown here are barrels previously used at the Dark Corner Distillery the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Quest also produces craft beer in much larger quantities in their brew room.

Quest Brewing Company is located on Airview Drive off Haywood Road in Greenville. The name Quest was chosen because Greenville is convenient to so many activities such as hiking, kayaking and biking – “Quests”. They have a taproom serving a variety of craft beers, as well as hosting special events on the grounds.


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Trailside After the Storm

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

The Greenville area was under threat of 6-8 inches of snow from the last round of winter weather. Although the weather could have gone either way, in the end a warm layer of air near the ground melted most of the snow into rain on the way down. So the roads and Swamp Rabbit Trail were already passable by the next day, but a bit wet from the slush in certain areas.

Campbell’s Covered Bridge vertical

Landrum, SC

Even though the roads were horrible and filled with crazy people, I got out to shoot this beautiful bridge in NE Greenville County.

From what I’ve read the red paint is not historically accurate for this bridge, and the county painted it to disguise the extensive repairs. I for one am glad they did.

Upstate South Carolina.