Dr. Charles Townes statue facing Falls Park on the Reedy River

Photo by Jason A G

Photo by Jason A G

The recently unveiled statue of Greenville native, Charles Townes, the 1964 Nobel Prize winner in physics for his work on inventing the laser. Along with Mother Teresa, Dr. Townes is one of two individuals who have won the Nobel Prize and the Templeton Prize for religious advancement.

Dr. Townes, professor emeritus at Cal-Berkely, attended Greenville High, Furman University, and was born on his family farm just about three miles from this statue, where a hospital would later be built and became the spot where I was born, some 60 years later.

Note that the statue represents the historical moment where Dr. Townes, sitting on a park bench in Washington, DC scribbled some of equations necessary for invention of the laser, in this respresentation with a green light shining on the equation on the back of an envelope.

Click here to see where this photo was taken. By courtesy of BeeLoop SL (the Mapware & Mobility Solutions Company).

*Update* Dr. Townes died yesterday, Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at the age of 99, in California – newscenter.berkeley.edu/2015/01/27/nobel-laureate-and-las…

JFA Trail

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

The recently opened JFA Trail in Pleasant Ridge County Park is a pleasant outing for either mountain bike or hiker. Hikers face bikers to avoid being surprised by a bicycle coming up from behind. The trail is directional and switches directions each month. This signpost helps to clarify where to find the trailhead.


This trail is dedicated to Jorge Francisco Arango. A generous man, awesome mountain biker, dog lover and best friend to many.
His friends and family along with the JFA Foundation, SORBA volunteers and Greenville County built this trail so that others may enjoy his favorite sport and his love for friends and dogs.

April 2014