Menkoi Udon and Soba

Photo by Mike Nice

The Menkoi Udon and Soba restaurant is now open on North Main Street across from the Hyatt. These flags advertise the restaurant location, much like traditional noodle houses in Japan that display a flag when they are open.

These flags advertise “Udon”, but happen to be backwards in this photo (for those who can read Japanese).

Center for Manufacturing Innovation

Photo by Mike Nice

The Center for Manufacturing Innovation has training equipment that simulates the same assembly challenges typically seen in a factory, but on a smaller scale. This includes PLCs, robots, hydraulics, electrical and pneumatic controls.

There are occasional announcements of “X new jobs” in the area. Having the Center for Manufacturing Innovation in the area is a confidence booster for companies looking to relocate, in that they will be more likely to find the skilled labor force they need.