Vardry Mill Wheel

Photo by Mike Nice

This round stone is seen by the RiverPlace walkway under the Main Street bridge. More than just a stone, it is thought to be one of the grain grinding wheels from the original Vardry McBee grist mill back in the early 1800’s. Several years ago, it was retrieved from the bottom of the Reedy River and moved under the bridge.

Upstate Craft Beer Co

The Upstate Craft Beer Co is open inside the historic Claussen Bakery building on Augusta Street. It is unique in that it offers a U-Brew service: they offer a selection of about 30 recipes to serve as a starting point. Customers can adjust the recipe to optimize to their liking and brew a batch of beer there.

They also have a bar with a restaurant menu for lunch and dinner, and have a retail section with supplies for home brewers.

Entrance to Upstate Craft Beer Co

Through Our Eyes

Photo by Mike Nice

The project in Greenville: “We give 100 disposable cameras to people and ask them to photograph their life and story.” The result is on exhibit at the Artist Guild Gallery of Greenville. Twenty photo selections are enlarged and framed along with a short story and a box to accept donations of spare change for those which touch the heart. There is also a long wall displaying many more of the photos as normal size prints.

Live Ice Sculpture

Photo by Mike Nice

This fountain in front of the Westin Poinsett hotel creates my favorite winter sculpture. The shape can vary each year, depending on temperature, wind, and water flow. The ice builds only at the lower temperatures for this area.

This fountain is a favorite for selfies or hotel guests to pose in front of the ice sculpture.