Creative Commons

The web site ( will disappear. But some photos could be useful to someone – either as historic reference or as art. So Denton Harryman, Frank Mansbach and I have decided to release our photos dating back to 2006 under a Creative Commons license. The Greenville Daily Photo archives will be hosted on Flickr’s Creative Commons, hopefully for a long time. The photos are presented as album groups for convenient browsing. And they’ll show up in searches for Creative Commons images.

This does not affect photos from the guest Flickr Pool contributors and those remain under the original license to that photographer.

Retiring Greenville Daily Photo

After more than 7 years of contributing to Greenville Daily Photo, I am ‘retiring’ from this hobby and taking up new hobbies.

The photo above is one of my first from 2011, taken at the corner of Washington and Main Streets of the construction site soon to become Project One. On the far left side of the ‘lake’ is a parking garage, which has become the location of the Aloft hotel. Then to the right is the Bank of America building which is still there, but the lower level has been renovated to host retail space. The foreground construction area hosts the 1 North Main buildings – the building time lapse was Here and Here

I tried to capture tiny slices of life in Greenville. Much like the early days of Twitter where it was a challenge to condense thoughts to fit within 140 characters, it is a challenge to capture something in a single photograph when possible. Or to keep a sharp eye out for an interesting photo by re-thinking something conventional with a slight change in composition.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thanks to all guests who contributed pictures via Flickr or Email.

Special thanks to Denton Harryman who continued to host the web site after moving out of the Greenville area.

Cleveland Park Stables

The new Cleveland Park Stables section is nearly complete and the walking trail is open. It sports these ‘horseshoes’ to park a trusty steed (bicycle).

The new park land was donated to the city for use in extending the adjacent Cleveland Park. The features honor the land’s previous use as one of the last few urban stables.

Photo by Mike Nice

Hilly Street

Photo by Frank Mansbach

Aptly named Hilly Street provides access to Richland Cemetery from E. Stone Avenue (US 276). Likely to be unnoticed by fast moving motorist it may only be observed by the occasional people on foot along this busy urban street