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Theme Day: Me

Here I’m exploring an interactive chalk art illusion. When posing a certain way and the picture is taken from a certain angle, the person appears to be riding the bike. Directions are given:

This is how it looks when making the picture:

The chalk art was created by Nate Baranowski during the Artisphere art festival. Here is a view of the picture in the making.

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Theme day: Tired

The Organic Cat Cafe is now open on College Street. It offers an opportunity to spend time with cats. Some are totally tired such as the cat above, while others are alert and looking to play or just seeking attention such as below. Most of the cats are full time residents but there may be a few available for adoption from time to time.

One could almost play “Tic Cat Toe” – these cats don’t quite get it yet.

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Theme day: Photographing the Photographer

Photo by Mike Nice

It’s rare to see so many cameras pointed skyward, but this was the total eclipse event at the Lost Lake amphitheater in Lake Conestee Nature Park. These 3 photographers were prepared for the event and capturing it with their special filter setups.

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Out of Focus – 2

As a follow-up to yesterday’s Out of Focus theme, I have posted some more photos of local objects that look interesting. Above is a different view of the Rose Crystal Tower by artist Dale Chihuly, located in Harriett’s garden by Falls Park.

A backlit tree, with leaves just starting to change color.

The Liberty Bridge at night.

The Courtyard Marriott hotel building – hard to say if this looks more like science fiction or a robot about to attack.

Ghostly Out of Focus – Theme Day

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

I’m a fan of photo realism, so when the monthly theme of ‘Out of Focus’ was announced, I nearly passed it up. But I experimented a bit to see which types of blurry photos I liked and was surprised that I got several and had a hard time deciding which to use. I decided to use this angel artwork today (Conventional view here). It is a bit ghostly in this format, appropriate for All Saints Day / Halloween week. I’ll post the runner-up shots tomorrow.

A curious characteristic of blurry photos is that the thumbnails are instantly recognizable, and I sometimes wondered if the thumbnail was of a conventional photo.

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Theme day: Greenville Skyline

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

Nestled among the rolling foothills of the Piedmont, Greenville doesn’t have wide sweeping views of buildings against the sky, but the 3 buildings in the distant upper right of this picture are somewhat distinct: the old Liberty Life building, now an office building, the historic Poinsett Hotel, and the TD Bank building.

This view from the Church Street bridge looks out over the new “North of Broad” district which is still under construction; the 2 buildings on the lower left were built in the last year.

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