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Tanner’s Big Orange

Long ago, even before the end of World War II, Tanner’s Big Orange opened in Greenville. Originally begun as a orange juice and sandwich shop, it has expanded to a full service grill, and still serves fruit juice and ice cream as part of the grill menu. Located on South Pleasantburg Drive for the last 50 years, it is still a popular place to stop for a quick meal or even to pick up a gallon of orange juice.

(The clown is unrelated to the recent viral stories about clowns spotted in Greenville)

There are a number of orange-related whimsical items hanging from the ceiling.



Theme Day: Smell

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

Our sense of taste of food or drink is determined mostly by smell, as anyone who has lost their sense of smell will confirm. That’s the idea behind the first part of the name of the Nose Dive restaurant on South Main Street. Their menu of urban comfort food caters to the sense of smell and taste.

And the “Dive” part of the name? “A rare place where high and low rub elbows—bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. It’s a place that wears its history proudly.”

The front of the Nose Dive was recently renovated to add these movable windows so that indoor diners can still be in touch with the outside in good weather.

The 'shingle' at the Nose Dive illustrates the mixture of smell and taste.

The ‘shingle’ at the Nose Dive illustrates the intersection of smell and taste.

This is theme day on on the City Daily Photo blogs. See other interpretations of the smell theme all around the world.

Tommy’s Ham House

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

Tommy’s Country Ham House on Rutherford Street is a great place to get a breakfast, with a wide variety of typical breakfast items to choose from.

They have recently celebrated 30 years in Greenville. One wall is lined with memories of the experience. It is a favorite location for presidential candidates to stop and give a speech. At one event, there were 2 presidential candidates there at the same time!

Never on Sunday

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

From the moment of entering the authentic Greek restaurant of Never on Sunday, the welcoming atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. And the owner may help serve during the meal. She carries on the tradition since taking over for her Aunt and Uncle who ran the restaurant for 46 years. The restaurant got its name many years ago when a customer inquired if they were open on Sunday, and the reply was “Never on Sunday”, and the name stuck. They are closed on Sunday of course (and Monday), and located on East Coffee Street.