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Taking photos

Taking photo in Falls Park

Taking photo in Falls Park

This young lady was taking photos on a path in Falls Park. As each person walked past she patiently waited for the next break in foot traffic for her next snap. You can see that as I walked past I stopped and took her photos. It was a fun snap and we all had a good laugh. Now she is a famous photographer seen by people around the world (smile). Notice the liberty bridge in the background, a wonderful curved suspension foot bridge.

baby strollers

Baby strolleBrs were everywhere in downtown Greenville. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman.

Yesterday, there were baby strollers everywhere. No seriously we counted 20+ baby strollers in a three block walk down Main Street. Actually the attraction is the Saturday Market and the wonderful weather we have been having recently.

cruisin in purple

A purple car cruisin on Main Street in downtown Greenville. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman

I was one of numerious people (six which I noticed) who took a photo as this car cruised down Main Street. I should have shared a photo of the photographers (smile). Actually I like the color in this photo but mostly I like the wheels. As a side note I understand that crusing is not legal so I assume this person was headed to a distination and not driving up and down Main Street as I did so many years ago. Personally, I think that the car and the photo have an American Graffiti feel to it.