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Pollen Season

Former mayor Max Heller's statue in the rain

During last week’s rain, former mayor Max Heller’s statue showed an illusion of suffering from pollen season sniffles.   Actually, those rains helped to suppress the spring pollen a bit, but it has returned in full force during this week’s clear weather.   Tree pollen levels should gradually reduce through the month of April.

The Max Heller Legacy Plaza

The Max Heller Legacy Plaza in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 6/14/2010.
Photographing, the Max Heller Legacy Plaza, has been a challenge until I thought to take a photo from above. Actually the statue is facing the other direction and a photo from across the street would have been better. I’ll have to find someone at the Hyatt who will let me take a photo from that angle. As you can see Greenville is very proud of Max Heller. In large part because of his vision for downtown Greenville. I highly recommend visiting the Max Heller Legacy Plaza and enjoying the photos and plaques on display.