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Jetpack Needed?

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

Considering that the minimum posted speed limit on this Interstate highway is 45 mph, Jetpacks would be a useful accessory for these bicycles. But it’s not as dangerous as it looks – the entire stretch of the Southern Connector was shut down on Sunday as part of the Bikeville Classic time trials. The general public had a chance to ride the 20 mile course on the Interstate before the time trials began.

It was a challenge to get this as I was riding, and trying to minimize the amount of the heavy rain getting on the camera – not entirely successful as can be seen in this view.

Viral Campaign revealed

Sorry to disappoint all the Jetpack fans, but the results of the mysterious viral advertising campaign have been revealed – it is a promotion to raise awareness of the upcoming B-Cycle bicycle rental network.  There will be six bicycle rental stations located around the city to start with, and more will certainly follow if the program is popular.