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Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher

Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher briefly stopped in Greenville in front of Grill Marks while travelling from Atlanta to Charleston on its trip around the United States.

It can best be described as the world’s largest, most inefficient cucumber slicing machine. Anyone was welcome to try it out by getting a Hendricks Gin drink from the bar at Grill Marks, then they could take the drink out to the Grand Garnisher where it would slice some cucumbers into the drink

Grill Marks

Grill Mark

Grill Mark

We enjoyed a meal and wine at Grill Mark’s tonight. As the photo shows they have lots happy customers .. notice the big smiles on the couple on the right (smile) .. the crowd was large, the food was good, the wine was good, and we enjoyed the open atmosphere of the restaurant. Thanks to Mike Nice for sharing a photo of Grill Mark’s .. so we knew to stop in and enjoy a burger. Grill Mark’s has big shoes to fill given they are in the building where the Hot Dog King was for many many years. Based on our meal tonight Connie and I predict Grill Mark’s will be also have a long and profitable run in downtown Greenville.