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The AIM golf tournament at Thornblade

Golfing at Thornblade, one of the many great courses in Greenville.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 4/14/2009.
Yesterday I volunteered to take photos at a golf tournament organized by AIM. This is an organization which does a lot for those in need in Anderson, a neighbor city to Greenville … Volunteering gave me a chance to enjoy Thornblade, which is one of Greenville’s premier golf courses, and to take photos very close to the action … today’s featured photo shows one of the golfers tipping his hat to all of us … additional photos can be found at Everyday Eclecticism published by Angie.

PS: I found an interesting article titled The Economic Impact of Golf In South Carolina. The article states that “golf courses and the off-course expenditures of visiting golfers had a total
economic impact of $2.261 billion and 30,938 jobs” … With those kind of figures I think we should all tip our hats, in thanks, to the golfers.