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Bench by the Trail

Photo by Frank Mansbach

A new bench has been installed by the Swamp Rabbit Trail at the bottom of the hill to Falls Park. It contains elements of the abandoned railway converted to a greenway trail: bicycles that occupy it today and railroad spikes that would have held the old railway together.

Photo by Mike Nice


Working on his computer while enjoying the shade on Main Street in downtown Greenville. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman.

While strolling down Main Street I snapped this photo of a fella working, on his computer, and enjoying the shade on Main Street. I love the trees we have in downtown Greenville. You can see he uses an Apple computer, is listening to music, prefers a railing to a bench (just behind him), and he keeps a pen handy (smile).

Black bench

A bench painted black with fall leaves.  This photo was taken in downtown Greenville, SC by Denton Harryman and posted at on 11/25/2009.
Given yesterday’s photo was mostly white I thought I would follow that with a photo which is mostly black .. personally I find benches, like bicycles, make for enjoyable photos .. also, benches are often located for the view they provide .. so I always have sit in the bench I photograph and see what the bench was originally meant to share .. in this case I think the bench’s placement was intended to complement the landscaping not provide a seat from which one can enjoy a great view.