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Pickwick Pharmacy

Entering the Pickwick Pharmacy soda fountain at the corner of Augusta Street and Mauldin Road is like stepping back in time – they have great ice cream treats, with shakes and malts made with milk from the local Happy Cow Creamery.   The soda fountain is the actual rebuilt soda fountain from the old Carpenter Brothers soda shop on Main Street (currently the location of Bellacino’s).  They also have a  selection of sandwiches.

Ice Cream flavors board









And combining the best of the old and new, the pharmacy can also offer the best of services we look for today: $4 prescriptions, delivery, and 24 hour emergency pharmacy service.







The Bakery off Augusta

When cultures mix, the result is often a richer life experience than any single culture.   Greenville is fortunate to be influenced by other cultures which have arrived with foreign manufacturing facilities in the region.   The clue to the unique nature of this building is the stylized shutters, patterned after the Swiss Flag.   This is the home of the The Bakery off Augusta , located just off Augusta Road, and the owner is from Switzerland.