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Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher

Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher briefly stopped in Greenville in front of Grill Marks while travelling from Atlanta to Charleston on its trip around the United States.

It can best be described as the world’s largest, most inefficient cucumber slicing machine. Anyone was welcome to try it out by getting a Hendricks Gin drink from the bar at Grill Marks, then they could take the drink out to the Grand Garnisher where it would slice some cucumbers into the drink

Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville, South Carolina

Downtown Greenville’s surprisingly slick urban core is centered around Falls Park on the Reedy, one of the most scenic and well-designed urban green spaces in the country.


Greenville (pop. 68,000+) is located in the "Upstate" region of South Carolina. Here, Falls Park, which hugs the Reedy River, is a scenic parkland paradise of large waterfalls, scattered boulders, and manicured green spaces situated at the heart of a thriving central business district offering diverse restaurants, interesting shops, and luxurious hotels. A striking pedestrian bridge, a children’s downtown scavenger hunt for hidden bronze mice, and lots of shade trees also add to Downtown Greenville’s allure. Despite its relatively small city population, Greenville has a metro population of almost 900,000. (population data from Wikipedia)