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South Carolina State Champion

Photo by Mark  Beery

Photo by Mark Beery

Everyone playing in the Superbowl this weekend got their start somewhere!

Photo by Mark Beery

Easley vs. North Charleston 8u State football Championship at South Carolina State University.

With North Charleston leading most of the game 6-0 the contest would come down to the final 2-minutes of the game. Easley drove down the field where they were faced with a 4th down and inches. Easley converted for renewed hope and a minute left in the 4th quarter. Easley advanced the ball into the end-zone tying the game at six all. Easley had to convert for 2-points to take the lead in a defensive battle of 7-8 year old juggernauts. Just barely the Easley boys responded with what they needed and took an 8-6 lead with :53 seconds left on the clock. on the ensuing plays North Charleston received the kickoff and furiously did everything in their power to score the next few downs. Easley’s defense was relentless and wanted no part of it. Easley made one stop after another and sealed the game 8-6 and the State Championship. It is the first time in over 10 years Easley won a state championship in youth football.

GRAVITY Dodgeball Tournament

Photo by Mike Nice

The first annual GRAVITY Dodgeball Tournament was held on Saturday at The Well. It was organized by the Greenville Police department and anyone could gather a team and join the competition. The proceeds of the tournament will go to benefit the Greenville police department’s anti-gang and anti-violence GRAVITY programs – GRAVITY stands for Gang Reduction and Violence Intervention Targeting Youth.

Flying Sky High

Photo by Mike Nice

Olympian Sandi Morris hosted the first ever “Liberty Bridge Jump-off” competition in downtown Greenville, along with the Greenville Track Club. A full regulation long jump and pole vault arena was set up on Main Street near Falls Park. Eight women competed in the pole vault event and Sandi Morris competed at 15 feet, 11 inches (4.85 Meters)! She didn’t quite set a new world record but it was a great event overall.

Sandi Morris grew up in Greenville and this is her first pole vault competition in Greenville since high school.

Basketball played behind Saint Mary’s Church

A game of basketball played behind Saint Mary’s Church in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 6/17/2008.
As a follow-up to yesterday’s photo, of Saint Mary’s Church, today I’m sharing of a photo of the basketball game which was underway behind the church. While taking this photo I learned that the best time to snap a basketball photo at night is at that point when the ball in hanging on the rim and everyone is holding their breath … Some of my readers may remember a previous photo I posted showing a different group of kids playing basketball on the same court in March of 2007.