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Inside the Wyche Pavilion

The historic Wyche Pavilion was built as a paint shop for carriages, but was soon converted to one of the first factories for Duke’s mayonnaise. It is now a popular location for wedding receptions or to rent for parties, and is open as a public space at all other times.

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Textile Heritage Band

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

The Greenville Textile Heritage Band gave a concert in the Wyche Pavilion by the Reedy River on Sunday afternoon – in the same way local mill bands may have held Sunday afternoon concerts many years ago. They fill in the authenticity of those old concert times by playing tunes from that period using old instruments.

Donations from this performance went to the creation of Textile Heritage Park in the Monaghan Mill community.

The Wyche Pavilion all lit up and ready for an event (repost)

The Wyche Pavilion all lit up ready for an event in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 10/22/2007.
This photo shows the Wyche Pavilion all lit up ready for an event … It appears to me that the Wyche Pavilion is one of the most popular venues for wedding, receptions, parties, and events. Normally when they are all setup, as shown in this photo, there would be a lot of people in the scene as well. However it appears to me that, during Fall for Greenville, the Wyche Pavilion was lit as a form of advertising. Larkin’s on the River manages the Wyche Pavilion as an event venue.

A bridal photo taken at the Wyche Pavilion

A bridal photo taken at the Wyche Pavilion in downtown Greenville, SC Tomorrow (Saturday May 26th) there is a event which should offer some great photo opportunities. It is called Trash Your Wedding Dress Photo and Video Session. The website says “The most important part of the event is having the opportunity to provide women with information about early detection of breast and cervical cancer from the American Cancer Society”.

I understand brides meet at the Hyatt then proceed to Falls Park where photos will be taken on the rocks and in the bushes. The website explains “This of course, takes place after the wedding, and all the fears of getting your dress dirty or even wet, never enter your mind” …. Today’s photo shows how a photo session can place significant demand on a wedding dress.

Note that there has been a link added to the Trash Your Wedding Dress Photo and Video Session website such that you can view photos taken at the event.

PS: Please note that I made a mistake in my original post and that has been corrected. Please accept my aplogy for this mistake.