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Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

The newly renamed Bon Secours Wellness Arena now has the new sign officially installed on the wall. As human nature goes, people have been looking for a shorthand title for the sports and entertainment venue. Many have used the title The Well – so when you hear The Well in the context of a location, it may be referring to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena!

Bi-Lo Center, a sports arena in downtown Greenville, SC

« day before | today | day after » Bi-Low Center, a sports arena in downtown Greenville, SC Personally I don’t attend many of the events at the Bi-Lo Center. However, I am in the minority because a lot of people attend the events. For this photo blog it important to include a photo of the Bi-Lo center given it’s unique circular construction and it’s prominent stamp on the look and feel of downtown Greenville.