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Live Ice Sculpture

Photo by Mike Nice

This fountain in front of the Westin Poinsett hotel creates my favorite winter sculpture. The shape can vary each year, depending on temperature, wind, and water flow. The ice builds only at the lower temperatures for this area.

This fountain is a favorite for selfies or hotel guests to pose in front of the ice sculpture.

Fire and Ice

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

Fire and Ice came together on this fountain in front of the Countybank / Cherry Bekaert building on West McBee Avenue. The winds of the polar vortex drove the fountain to freeze on one side. The weather has since returned to normal winter temperatures.

Denton also captured an interesting Fire and Ice view of this fountain back when it used to be the Piedmont Natural Gas location.

Polar Vortex Artwork

A rare and extreme Polar Vortex arrived almost exactly one year to the day after last year’s incident. A blast of wind ushrered in a 22 degree temperature drop from the previous day and ended up at around 10 degrees. The wind died by morning, but by then any exposed water froze – and created artwork such as this fountain at BB&T on Buncombe Street facing the entrance to downtown Greenville.