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Stained Glass

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

This original stained glass window artwork is in the First Presbyterian church on West Washington Street in the Harper Chapel. It contains a number of biblical themes interwoven with a local influence. The river might symbolize the local foliage along the Reedy River passing through the region, along with a view of the area foothills and mountains.

Points of Interest

Points of interest: First Presbyterian Church, the bus station sky lights, and telephone towers.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 12/6/2007.
In looking back at my recent photos I realized I had not posted many buildings lately. So I went out looking for “points of interest” … In today’s photo you see the bus station sky lights, the First Presbyterian steeples, and a couple of telephone towers … Several points all in one photo … How many points can you count?