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Riverplace after Sunset

The Main Street bridge over the Reedy River and Riverplace would qualify for the signs that Kodak used to place near tourist attractions: “Photo Spot”.  But it would probably not have the painted footprints that told you where to stand because the best view changes with time of day and events.

The dramatic clouds here came just after sunset.   While they did not bring any rain, they were part of a front that came through the next day with rain.   Click on the photo for a bit more detail, depending on the size of the monitor it’s viewed on.

RiverWalk rising in 2011

The sign says RiverWalk at RiverPlace rising in 2011. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman.

The RiverWalk @ RiverPlace website says the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2011. Interestingly the project includes 44 luxury apartments .. not condos. At their website there is as interesting image showing the long term concept for RiverPlace. To see it; visit their website, select adjoining land, then drag to the bottom of the file which opens. I predict you will say “wow”.