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Zike Riding

Zike Demo Day

Is that a scooter?   A bike?  No, it’s a Zike!  Invented right here in Greenville, it’s a human-powered cross between a bicycle and scooter, with pedal power supplied like a stair stepper.  A Zike demo tent was set up during Fall for Greenville in the Pedal Chic parking lot in the West End.   Everyone seems to be enjoying their test rides.

Fall for Greenville is a family event

Fall for Greenville, a family event.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 10/10/2009.
Over 100,000 people will enjoy Fall for Greenville this weekend and one very impressive aspect is how family friendly the event is. Sure the music venues may be packed with young singles but families makeup a large number of those attending .. on a personal note .. I have to show more self control tomorrow .. I am so stuffed .. we had shrimp and grits from Soby’s, Lobster from The Cazbah, and Osso Bucco from The Brown Street Club. Then we had dessert at The Lazy Goat.

The beer trucks were lined up

The beer trucks were lined up in preparation for a big party.  This was photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 10/9/2009.
The beer trucks were lined up today in preparation for the big party this weekend ..Fall for Greenville draws huge crowds with great food, lots of music, as well as beer and wine .. as has been our normal pattern in previous years we will not cook all weekend .. vendors will be serving food all up and down Main Street .. so when it is time to eat we will take a short stroll and join thousands of others enjoying “A Taste of Our Town”.