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Greenville Griswold

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

The Greenville Griswold is a fantastic free Christmas light show synchronized to music. It consists of more than 200,000 lights separated by 560 Light-O-Rama control channels. The music is broadcast on speakers, as well as a low power radio station so that it can be viewed from the comfort of a car. Foot traffic is also allowed with parking at Faith Baptist church (except for Wednesday and Sunday nights).

Watch them compete in “The Great Christmas Light Fight” tomorrow (Monday) on ABC at 8pm!

For more helpful details about viewing this show on Ridgewood Drive in Greenville, see the information post on Facebook.

Merry Christmas

This house in Mauldin has one of the most elaborate displays of any house in the Greenville area.   He graciously shares the lights with the public by allowing viewers to walk around among the display areas.   This year, there are more than 250,000 lights, and last year’s power bill for part of November and December was $2,600!

There are several themed areas – the pool is used both to reflect lights and support a floating Noah’s Ark.   Some of the lights are synchronized to music.   It will be open through New Year’s day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!