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The 12 Hours of Bikar

Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

A fundraising event for education, the 12 Hours of Bikar was held at ICAR (which Bikar rhymes with). Despite the name, the participants did not have to ride for 12 hours. In fact, it was oriented toward family friendly conditions – the course was monitored for assistance, the road was closed to cars, and there were even separate lanes for fast bikes. Participants could ride as little as a single lap. The 12 hour span offered the best chance to work the event into a busy weekend schedule.

There was a refreshment stand, food, and live music for entertainment.

Theme Day – Pedestrians Crossing

This pedestrian crossing connects the northern Swamp Rabbit Trail to Riverplace and downtown.   It is very busy at times as shown here.   It is also dangerous when there is heavy vehicle traffic because the view between pedestrians and cars can be blocked by traffic in the other lane.   The good news is that a new River Street underpass has been approved in the budget for construction within the next year.

This is theme day in the City Daily Photo community, where City Daily Photo blogs all over the world may choose to post an April theme entry.   See other examples of  pedestrians crossing from all over the world.   I bent the rules here because there are no actual pedestrians in this photo – just some pedal-destrians!

Bike the Rabbit

Now that riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail is showing up on the “Must Do” list of many visitors, bike rental is a great option.    Here Graham, the owner of Bike the Rabbit, delivers another group of rental bikes to the trail next to Linky Stone children’s park.   He can deliver rental bikes to anywhere in the Greenville area.

Business was good with the coming of warmer weather.   All of his bikes were rented out this weekend.