Pedrick and Harriet’s Gardens

Photo by lilj4425

[Mike’s description] I’ve always wondered what Pedrick’s and Harriet’s gardens look like from the air. The perspective of giant flower petals would change with the seasons as different flowers bloom or are planted. Fortunately lilj4425 took this great perspective shot from the air!

The wide walkways comfortably accommodate many people who are enjoying the surroundings, and as a result there is a bit more concrete than I would have guessed. At ground level the gardens visually surround pedestrians.

Every Day is a New Beginning

This recent mural “Every Day is a New Beginning” by local artist Sunny Mullarkey McGowan working with the Stone Academy fifth graders and Furman University art students. It shows the life cycle of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. The last stage is above, and the first 2 stages are below.

It is located at 223 W Stone Avenue, and is the fourth Stone Avenue mural project out of a planned series of twelve.