Contributing from Flickr


First sign up for an account on Flickr and sign in.  Then go to the Greenville Daily Photo Flickr pool and click on the + Join Group link as shown on the left.








To add an optional title and description, move the mouse to the photo you want to contribute and press the dots on the lower right side of the photo.




Go to the title space (which will start as the uploaded photo name), and enter a title.





Enter Description


Enter a description for the photo.   Note that this is different from the comments link below the photo.  Comments will not be included for publishing.







To add a photo to the Greenville Daily Photo pool, click the dots to the lower right of the photo.







Select “Add to Group” from the menu.








Click on the Greenville, SC Daily Photo group.  It should be highlighted in blue.



Flickr Apps for a mobile device will also work: for Apple or Android.

Frequent Contributors

If you are interested in contributing photos to Greenville Daily Photo please send an email such that we can discuss the possibility and the process.

Please note that the number of contributing photographers will be limited and we ask that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Photos should be family friendly
  • Photos should reflect Greenville in a positive manner
  • Each post should include a brief explanation.
  • Post should not be used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Note that this is a Daily Photo blog so we ask that only one photo per day be posted.   Coordination between contributing photographers will be arranged via the WordPress scheduling tool and via a private forum.

Benefits of contributing include:

  • Enjoyment of sharing with a wide audience
  • Helping keep Greenville Daily Photo active
  • Contributing to you community
  • Getting to know more about Greenville (I found that posting photos encouraged my participation in local activities)

Also, if you are interested you can activate a store front to sell the photos you post

Thank you
Denton Harryman


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