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Poinsett Project: Before…

This abandoned industrial building illustrates the worst of the area

The section of Poinsett Highway between Greenville and Cherrydale Point has developed a hard edge for a number of years:  a mix of industrial and abandoned and unkempt properties, along with regular businesses.   Because this stretch of road has the potential to be a gateway into the city of Greenville, Furman University has teamed up with Greenville County to revitalize the area.   The thinking is to make the highway and the surrounding communities into places people want to be, and investment will follow to fill the empty buildings because of the proximity to downtown – just a mile from Main Street.

Although the building in this picture will not have any immediate action taken, it is certainly on the list for redevelopment.   This introductory video gives some ideas that will be applied to improve the quality of life in those communities.

Alice’s House of Beauty

Alice’s House of Beauty on Pendelton in West Greenville very neat downtown.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 6/3/2008.
Today, I’m sharing this photo to show that there is beauty even in a boarded up store front (smile) … I suspect that if I visit this store in a year or two it will be a renovated art gallery as is so many of it’s neighbors on Pendelton steet.

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