Precisely lining up the rocks in the Reedy

Photo by Frank Mansbach

Interesting to see the heavy equipment in the middle of the river
The guy lining things up has an important job!

3 Responses to “Precisely lining up the rocks in the Reedy”

  1. Frank Mansbach

    This was probably the most interesting photo I have taken this year in my walks around downtown GVL. When I first came to this action along the SRT the guy was sitting on the rock watching the equipment operator, but he sprung into action and was really engaged in his role to align the rocks. They have subsequently added fill along these rocks changing the shape of the Reedy as part of the river restoration project.

    • Mike Nice

      The science of taming river flow with rocks is interesting; the best rock arrangement not always the most obvious solution. This guy must have studied how it’s done.


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