Photo by Mike Nice

Photo by Mike Nice

… but not forgotten. The historic house that had occupied this space at 133 Augusta Street, next to the South Carolina Children’s Theatre has been destroyed as directed in the will of the last owner. Future use of this space will be either an expansion or new building for the South Carolina Children’s Theatre, or a public park space if the SCCT cannot use the space.

The former owner would also want us to remember her brother Peter F Cureton’s service as a B-17 pilot in World War II. If this space becomes a public park, it will also include a memorial to honor Peter’s service.

For reference here is a recent and historical view of the house, originally built by builder Jacob Cagle:

Cureton House

Historic Cureton House

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  1. Jason Couch

    It is outrageous that the woman demanded in her will that every piece of the house be destroyed. Not one single scrap was allowed to even be salvaged. It all had to go to the landfill. The property could have easily been sold with the house intact. The lot certainly would have been worth more money with the house still standing on it. The now empty lot will require a fairly large amount of money to be invested into it to turn it into anything. The proceeds that would have been generated from the sale of the house could have been donated to the Children’s Theatre free and clear, thereby both supporting them and at the same time preserving history for the future to enjoy. An important and irreplaceable part of Greenville’s past has been lost forever.


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