Theme Day – Pedestrians Crossing

This pedestrian crossing connects the northern Swamp Rabbit Trail to Riverplace and downtown.   It is very busy at times as shown here.   It is also dangerous when there is heavy vehicle traffic because the view between pedestrians and cars can be blocked by traffic in the other lane.   The good news is that a new River Street underpass has been approved in the budget for construction within the next year.

This is theme day in the City Daily Photo community, where City Daily Photo blogs all over the world may choose to post an April theme entry.   See other examples of  pedestrians crossing from all over the world.   I bent the rules here because there are no actual pedestrians in this photo – just some pedal-destrians!

11 Responses to “Theme Day – Pedestrians Crossing”

  1. Susie of Arabia

    I like your interpretation of theme day – “Pedal-destrians!” I have never seen families out biking together here in Saudi Arabia – women are prohibited from riding bikes in public. Stupid rule because of sex obsessed men … they can’t be expected to control themselves when they see the shape of the female form sitting on a bike seat. And I’m not kidding – it’s true.

  2. londonlulu

    Now that’s a crossing – they’re so lined up…not to mention brave to take on a busy road! Nice theme choice.

  3. Mike Nice

    Wow – thanks for the note about the cultural viewpoint from your part of the world. It’s easy to take a family bike ride experience for granted.

  4. Mike Nice

    I also think it’s a great name – named after the old train that used to run on tracks where the trail is today.

  5. Buck

    Nice crossing, and the first bicyclists I think I’ve seen for this theme day. What a great idea!


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