the weather is perfect .. most of the time

Cold, windy, and wet weather in downtown Greenville. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman.

Mostly the weather in Greenville is very mild. Four distinct seasons, some hot days in summer, and as shown in today’s photo a few cold windy and wet days during winter. That leaves 10 months of perfect weather (smile).

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  1. Kate

    Denton, I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to your blog when it suddenly occurred to me that it has taken on a new face with more contributors. Glad you didn’t leave us permanently. The blog has an entirely new look, which I’m enjoying. Photos are very crisp, such as this one. Have a happy week-end.

  2. Denton

    Hi Kate, the reason visitors see less of me, is that I am working in Charlotte NC and coming home on the weekends. A few months back I opened to the site to contributors and had several step forward. I very much appreciate their contributions.

    Interestingly not posted a daily photo was one of the hardest parts of accepting the contract in Charlotte. I have considered starting a new daily photo from Charlotte however at this point the work in Charlotte is temporary and I work long hours Monday through Thursday so I can have three day weekending’s at home in Greenville.

  3. Denton

    PS: As for the look and feel of Greenville Daily Photo. Notice two very nice features. (1) The photos automatically resize (keeping the same aspect ratio) when you change the size of your window and (2) the comments respond instantly due to a WordPress plugin which displays the comment and then writes it to the database.


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