We Took to the Woods

A unique new addition to the gift shops in Greenville is We Took to the Woods.   The store will change character with the seasons, in the same way a real forest changes.  It is located on East Stone Avenue, just off North Main Street.   The road in the storefront is really just a reflection of Elizabeth Street behind me.   And in a “Where’s Waldo” moment, I’m in the reflection somewhere!

4 Responses to “We Took to the Woods”

  1. J Lanfear

    Our family loves the warm and nature filled experience of this space!Every time we walk in we see something different and are soothed by the artful and charming displays everywhere!
    Treat yourself to a visit and you will fell refreshed and delighted!

  2. victoria ellison

    I absolutely loved your shop! I was inspired. What a treat to browse and shop this charming store. I cannot wait to see what the next season looks like.


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