Greenville Arboretum

A plaque in memory of the Greenville Arboretum in downtown Greenville. This photo was taken by Denton Harryman.

This plaque can be found in Falls Park in downtown Greenville. The plaque shares an interesting story as follows:

“The Greenville Garden Club won the $500 second place price in Better Homes and Gardens ‘More Beautiful America’ contest in 1932 for their landscaping of the Rock Quary Park. Members used the money to develop South Carolina’s first arboretum on five acres of five acres of Furman University land. The plan … included flower beds, terraces, winding walks, retaining walls, and picturesque seats of natural stone. WPA workers built the project. Beginning with 266 trees of 25 varieties club members … created one of Greenville’s most attractive tourist sights in the 1930s. The arboretum was neglected during World War II and fell into decay when Furman moved away.”

Personally I think those who created the Arboretum, in 1932, would be very pleased to see how Falls Park looks today.

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  1. Kate

    Having a park of this scope in downtown Greenville must be lovely. What a wonderful community asset.


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