trust (repost)

This photo, of shoes and bag under a bench in downtown Greenville, represents trust to me.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 2/21/2008.
I wonder what the story is behind this photo. I can share the details behind when I took the photo and where … But why that is what I don’t know … Why were these personal belonging left under a bench on Main Street … However, to me the photo says trust … What does it say to you?

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  1. ann in alpharetta

    Trust for sure! Don’t know if I would be that brave, unless I was nearby where I could watch it all. Don’t know that I have ever lived in a place where I felt that safe…at least as an adult.

  2. Denton

    jazzy, I had the same thought about jogging but on a closer look the shoe laces are missing from the boot on the left of the photo. This leads me to speculate they are shopping for shoe laces.

    Abe, sadly I had the same thought but then it quickly passed and I decided to take a photo instead.

    ann, maybe you could write a story about the photo and the missing shoe lace.

    Leonda, funny. You may be closes to the real story.

    pat, that is a possibility.

    Adaam, very observant.

  3. Harvin

    I’m imagining a secret exchange network, a sort of identity switching drop spot. An upper-class, hard-working couple calls through the hotline to say, “My wife and I need an escape!”

    Operator: “We’ll leave a change of clothes beneath the bench at such-and-such street. You’ll rendezvous with a taxi at 0900 hours and be escorted to your destination. But we’re short on common-man style shoelaces, so please provide your own.” =)

  4. Mary

    here in the DC area a scene like that would require an evacuation of all persons in the area, schools “locked down” and an investigation from the bomb squad

  5. nw2twn

    Looks like someone wanted to talk a walk in the creek (fly fishing with a shoelace.)

  6. Kate

    Looks like a purse is also included. Says “massive brain confusion” to me. Too bad you couldn’t stick around long enough to solve the mystery.


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