An Oscar’s party (repost)

An Oscars party in Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 2/25/2008.
Sunday night the Oscar’s party, at the Peace Center in downtown Greenville, had fun with the glamour and glitz. On the red carpet there were beautiful women in stylish dresses escorted by men in tuxedoes. In addition to the good looking people there were photographers with our flashes, outrages interviewers, and limos.

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  1. Denton

    ann, sorry that was the only photo I have to share. It is a ticketed event. In fact the 6th annual Oscar Night Party. Open to all who wish to enjoy the glamour and glitz.

    annie, I was temporary paparazzi. Just stopped by, snapped a photo, then when home and watched a movie. A classic.

    Jilly, thanks. The limo was a prop and there really were not that many people I had to fight through to get to get the shoot (smile).

    Zann, have fun.

    Helen, thanks. I was displeased with my photos from the event and this was the only one I could salvage. The problem was I did not use flash because I did not want to screw up the professional photographers photos. If I had it to do over I would have taken flash photos further up the red carpet.

    Jim, you’re right. My preferred activity is to take the photos not ware the tux.

  2. Stephanie

    I chaired this event and have seen many pictures! This is by far one of the best!
    This event is sanctioned by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and is sponsored by the Junior League of Greenville. We are chosen to participate each year. Our website is: Look for the party next year-lots of fun!!
    thanks again.

  3. Denton

    Stephanie, I’m pleased you like the photo and I wish you continued success on all Junior League activities. Maybe next year I will take a photo inside the event.


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