A bench and small garden overlooking Falls Park (repost)

A bench and small garden overlooking Falls Park in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at GreenvilleDailyPhoto.com on 8/21/2007.
I have decided that I like benches … more for the photo opportunity than to sit on. This probably says something deep and philosophical about my personality. Benches where include in my March 24, 2007 – Spring blooms and June 10, 2007 – Have a seat, relax, and visit a while post.

10 Responses to “A bench and small garden overlooking Falls Park (repost)”

  1. jules

    What a lovely shady spot!!!
    I love benches too but often find they aren’t the most comfortable things to sit on – they make my nether regions numb – so I would prefer a cushion or three.

  2. jules

    I forgot to say thanks for your kind remarks about my dolphin photos yesterday – I was most chuffed.

  3. Abraham Lincoln

    Lovely spot in the shade and must sought after where you live — in August. I like the landscape and the Hostas are so lush, blooming and vibrant green. We had a drought so long that mine look more like thin slices of toast. And I watered.

  4. ann

    yes great photo and looks such a peaceful spot…maybe to sit for even a few minutes and watch the world go by :-)

  5. Marsha

    Love this little shady nook away from the crowds in Falls Park. Looks like just the kind of spot I need after the day at work I’ve had!

  6. Denton

    Zsolt, yes it is the perfect place to read a book, drink some wine, and/or visit with a friend.

    Jules, I agree. I went to church, as a child, in a church which did not believe in cushions. So I understand numb nether regions … I’ll have to look for an excuse to use the term “nether regions” in a future post.

    Abraham, yes shade is much appreciated in the South. Air conditioning is appreciated even more.

    Ann, or maybe a place to write some thoughts for a novel in progress.

    Jilly, peaceful is a good description.

    Marsha, I hope tomorrow is better.

    Lavender Lady (Norma) the guys that do the landscaping, at Falls Park, are pros. What is interesting to me is how good the landscaping looks even after large crowds.

  7. Tara

    Beautiful bench scene! I could definitely (as previously mentioned) sit & read a book, write, maybe take my laptop out & blog:) Or even nap!! :) AWWW beautiful!


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