Sunlight captured in ornamental grass (repost)

The evening sunlight was capture in the fern in front of the Peace Center in downtown Greenville, SC
Earlier this week, as we were walking home after eating out, we noticed how the evening sunlight was captured in this fern ornamental grass. I had to stop and try to save the moment … The photo was taken in front of the Peace Center in downtown Greenville. Click here to see a larger perspective of the scene.

PS: A reader and then my sister pointed out a mistake on my part calling this a fern. I would like to say thanks to both of them and to officially correct this post to indicate this is a photo of ornamental grass possibly called Pennisetum … Stay toned to see my next plant and flower knowledge challenged snafu. It will be fun.

8 Responses to “Sunlight captured in ornamental grass (repost)”

  1. Jules

    Beautiful the way you captured the light!!

    Only trouble is it looks like a real hayfever starter.

  2. ann

    I love the larger perspective photo…really beautiful. I am looking forward to my next visit to Greenville on 28th, and going to book myself overnight for the Sept. Art in the Park wkend…so excited :-)

  3. Connie

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your website ever since I visited Greensville last month for a horticulture/greenhouse conference. I’ve fallen in love with your city and would love to live there myself one day. This is a beautiful photo- but I think this is an ornamental grass called Pennisetum, not a fern. Again, great website and I look forward to tomorrow’s photo!


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