Finding inspiration (repost)

I find this tree an inspiration ever time I walk past. So much so I have posted a photo from a different perspective previously. To me this tree’s majesty and grandeur comes from its roots. Something to be admired … tomorrow I will share another tree which makes a more youthful statement.

15 Responses to “Finding inspiration (repost)”

  1. Kate

    Annie and I share your sentiments! There is something tenacious about these trees that is very appealing.

  2. Rich

    Impressive. From this perspective you can’t tell it’s hanging off the side of a hill like the other photo.

  3. jules

    PS I forgot to mention. Your comments on yesterday’s post – I’m not sure about Jilly but yes you are dead set right about me!!!!

  4. ann

    I love looking at the “roots” of this tree every time I walk in the park. I have photographed it as well and bet many people have.

    It seems spiritual to me.

  5. Annie

    One must marvel at the tenacity of these trees, holding on for so long, against the odds.

  6. Bill

    Great picture! My wife and I have photos of the very same tree taken during our Memorial Day trip to your beatutiful town. We both thought it very cool how it was clinging to the side of the hill.


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