The way home (repost)

For us, this arrow points the way home.  The scene is of Court Street in downtown Greenville, SC
Last night, we went out with a group from our condo. We had an great time. On our way home I tried to capture a little of the twilight sky. This photo also plays with the arrow on Court Street. For us the arrow literally points the way home … Note that credit for the perspective on this photo should go to Rested Traveler who posted a similar photo recently. RT is a frequent visitor and commenter at GreenvilleDailyPhoto. RT is also a outstanding photographer who has inspired previous photos of mine.

PS: I’m taking a break (see note in side bar) for detail. I hope you enjoy the repost of photos from the pas

17 Responses to “The way home (repost)”

  1. Olivier

    tres belle photo de nuit, et cette fleche donne une autre dimension à la photo. bon weekend

    very beautiful photograph of night, and this arrow gives another dimension to the photograph. good weekend

  2. Sawdust

    It’s a pretty scene and the arrow gives it a cool, surreal touch.

  3. NorthBayPhoto

    What a pleasant photo. Interesting way to light the sidewalks. Up north, we couldn’t do that with all the snow and ice we get.

  4. Pedp

    What a mesmerising shade of blue. A memorable photograph.

    Hope you’ll take a moment to visit my photo blog: here.

  5. Denton

    Slinger, thank you. Capturing the lights at night was difficult.

    Olivier, thank you. I took the photo without the arrow then thought it would be better with the arrow so I took it again.

    Beetle, the twilight sky was what I was looking to capture.

    Sawdust, thank you. I thought the composition was interesting.

    Abraham, twilight photos are one my favorite.

    NorthBayPhoto, yes. We have very little ice and snow here in the south.

    Pedp, thank you. Your Photo a Day from Planet Earth blog is outstanding.

    Lessie, thank you.

    Fabrizi, thank you.

  6. lavenderlady

    Oh, this is wonderful. I love the arrow, the lights on the buildings…and the color of the sky is magnificent. someone is going to come looking for this one.

  7. RestedTraveler

    Denton: Thank you! I must say that I prefer the colors of the sky in yours much better. I tend to have a difficult time at managing to be downtown at dusk with a tripod…but some day I’ll be able to plan ahead and pull it all together and do so. I attempted to capture some photos at dusk last night (but forgot the tripod adapter at home), so I managed a few hand-held shots, including one of your condo building (to be revelaed soon).

  8. Pedp

    Denton: many thanks. That means a lot. I’ll certainly be stopping by here regularly!

  9. Keropokman

    how interesting.
    no street lamps, but the lights are embedded on the pavement.

    it does give a very good effect ya?

  10. Denton

    Pedp, you are welcome.

    Keropokman, Greenville has lots of street lights. It is really only this one short corridor, between two tall buildings, which has taken this approach … More on street lamps to come in future post.


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