Signs of spring

Signs of Spring in Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 3/24/2010.
Lately, the weather has been warm one day and cold the next so I thought I would focus on signs of spring (smile). Actually the trees are blooming all over Greenville and I look forward to many spring photo opportunities.

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  1. Leonda

    Beautiful! We too have warm one day and then cold the next. I like the signs of spring.

  2. Carrie in Lansing

    GORGEOUS!! Thank you for posting this! We are still stuck with 32 degree temps.

  3. Marsha

    Yes, it is beautiful now. Every day another few trees burst into blossom. Even the parking lot at Haywood Mall is gorgeous with all the trees like the ones in your photo.

  4. Diane Bhothipiti

    This is a beautiful picture. Could you tell me what the name is of this tree?

  5. denton

    Thanks Leonda. Personally I’m ready for spring however I know it will soon be hot I’ll be ready for fall (smile).

  6. denton

    Julie, thanks for your kind words .. I have fond memories of Austin. My Mother lived there for a while and we have relatives on my wife’s side in Austin.

  7. denton

    Diane, I’m not an expert however I think these are crab apples. Note that the blooms on the Bradford pear look very similar and they bloom at similar times. However the limbs, on the Bradford pear, tend to form more of a pear shape (smile).


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