Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron on rocks in the Reedy River.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 9/29/2009.
Earlier this week I posted a photo showing ducks seeking shelter under a bush. After taking that photo a crane Great Blue Heron was pointed out to me .. given people are taking the time to point out photo opportunities I thought I should share the results .. some of you may remember this previously posted photo (all the way back to 2006) showing a Great Blue Heron in flight on the Reedy River.

PS: Thanks to our readers my mis-identification has been corrected. This is a Great Blue Heron in the photo.

5 Responses to “Great Blue Heron”

  1. Jason

    Nice photo. I think I’ve seen that bird before. Someone told me it was a heron, though.

  2. Galley

    I’ve seen that bird many times. It’s a great blue heron. The only other heron I’ve seen was a smaller, white one.

  3. Rick Forest

    I’ve seen this Great Blue and it’s mate while painting in Linky Stone Park.
    They have within the last few years, been removed from the endangered species list
    within our state. They appear to be thriving now in the wetlands, especially along
    the coast.


  4. Denton

    Thanks Jason, Galley, and Rick for correcting my mis-identification. I have corrected the post. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  5. Morgana

    I’ve seen a Great Blue a couple of times this fall at Falls Park, flying and following the path of the river. Beautiful!


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