Our friend is missing

A tree in Falls Park just across the Stone Bridge

A tree in Falls Park just across the Stone Bridge

Today, several of us in the City Daily Photo community are blogging in support of one of our friends. We are calling him “A” given that he blogged from Iran and is missing (reported to be arrested for taking photos). I am not mentioning his name or referencing his site given I don’t want to increase the risk he is in … what I want to do is express outrage at crimes against the Iranian citizens by their government … today I share a photo showing the color green (the official color of the movement for reform in Iran) and a tree, in Greenville, which I personally find inspirational … follow this link to see similar post by City Daily Photo bloggers in support of our friend who is missing (reported to be arrested for taking photos).

PS: A blogger, close the the family, reports that “A” has been released and is home with his family … good news, very good news.

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  1. Julie

    It is the inter-connectedness of these roots that are the potent symbol of your post, Denton. This is how the CDPB community is on this our special Theme Day in support of the people of Iran and especially our fellow blogger who is missing.

    I am so glad you posted on this special Theme Day. We want our blogger back. The world is watching.

  2. Hilda

    A magnificent tree, and with the light shining through the leaves — a very powerful and hopeful image in support of our blogger and of Iran!

  3. m_m

    Great choice for today. It’s a beautiful photo. Very good that so many of us – CDP bloggers have joined to supporting Iranian people!

  4. jabblog

    Very appropriate photograph. I hope Amir and all others like him will be released unharmed soon.

  5. Jilly

    An amazing tree and a great choice for today – symbolic and strong. Let’s hope our Blogger will be freed soon and that the people of Iran get a vote that is counted.

  6. Jacob

    As several have already noted, I think this tree with its huge root system is a great symbol of the interconnectedness of all people. Excellent post!

  7. lavenderlady

    Denton, this is a wonderful picture. I’m afraid I have been pre occupied this week and was not aware. You have chosen a perfect picture and your commentary is excellent.

  8. ann in alpharetta

    Awesome photo Denton with all 3 symbols – interconnected root system, green leaves, the Light of the Sun – in tribute to a fellow human being in need of our support and prayers. God be with him and all others who may be missing because they are standing up for their rights.

  9. Kate

    Denton, Your comments are sensitive and thoughtful as usual. In addition, I am pleased that so many of us have posted today to call attention to one of our own and generally to support human rights around the globe.

  10. Petrea

    I’m glad to see that so many people have joined in the theme today. I hope it helps in some way. The world is watching Iran.

  11. Denton

    Thank you everyone for posting … someone close the the family, reports that “A” has been released and is home with his family … good news, very good news.

  12. babooshka

    It was an honour to be part of this community today. Thoughtful, poignant post. We are a family tree I feel at the CDP. What affects one affects all.

  13. Denton

    The tree is in Falls Park just across the Stone Bridge. It is on the slope of the hill leading to the Governors School for the Arts.


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