Falling leaves

Falling leaves on Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at GreenvilleDailyPhoto.com on 11/9/2008.
Look closely and you can see the falling leaves … The traffic is an accurate depiction of Main Street mid-day … You might wonder how I took the photo from the middle of the street. Actually it was very easy. The light was red and I was in the crosswalk … the white car on my right was also in the crosswalk (smile).

3 Responses to “Falling leaves”

  1. Marsha

    That’s a really nice photo of main street, Denton. Downtown is even more beautiful at this time of year. I’ve never lived in a city where I enjoy the downtown area more than Greenville.

    I find myself quite often standing in the middle of Main Street taking photos and sometimes take them from my car when stopped at a light.

  2. Denton

    Kate, Main Street is busy at times but then sometimes there is very light traffic.

    Marsha, thanks … What I was trying to capture is the falling of the leaves. It turns out the be a very difficult photo.


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