Fall colors in the morning sunlight

Like everyone else I am enjoying the Fall colors and have chosen to share another photo highlighting the show they are putting on. I took the photo yesterday on my walk to work. The photo was taken looking into the sun so I was pleased with how blue the sky was while still capturing the sunlight in the leaves … On my walk home, from work, a couple was taking photos, of each other, with this tree in the background. Naturally I offered to take a picture with them both in the photo. That photo is on their camera so I can not share it. I often make such an offer and in the future I think I will ask if I can also take a photo using my camera … No point in missing a photo opportunity.

4 Responses to “Fall colors in the morning sunlight”

  1. Brian Habig

    Blue sky through bright fall foliage is one of my absolute favorites. Greenville has been amazing this week. Thanks, Denton!

  2. Ian

    Dear Denton,
    Though I have not been in any 4 Seasons country but I always find the colourful leaves captivating! Cross my fingers, I am planning to do it this year! Wish me Luck!


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