An orange VW parked under orange Fall colors

An orange Volkswagen parked under orange Fall colors in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 11/9/2008.
On Sunday I went for a walk looking for Fall colors. This photo opportunity presented itself and I chose to share the photo with you … Personally I think natures orange is more applealing than VW’s (smile).

3 Responses to “An orange VW parked under orange Fall colors”

  1. ann in alpharetta

    Yes I prefer the colors of Fall to the color of the VW. However, the VW almost looks like a toy in this photo, I suspect due to it being in the shade and how the dots of light on it created by the light shining through the tree. I love the ground area covered with fallen leaves and the shadow from the tree on the left.

  2. Denton

    Leonda, yes I remember. Not the color of our VW Bus but I remember how boxy it was.

    ann in alpharetta, you are right, the VW does look like a toy.


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