A taxi in traffic with Fall colors in the background

A taxi in traffic with Fall colors in the background.  This photo was taken in Greenville SC by Denton Harryman and posted at GreenvilleDailyPhoto.com on 11/7/2008
As a follow-up to yesterday’s photo, today I’m sharing another photo highlighting Fall colors … My photo also highlights a taxi in traffic … A few seconds later I took the same photo which I call, no traffic (smile). Notice the lady in both photos … It is interesting how a few seconds leaves a completely different impression.

5 Responses to “A taxi in traffic with Fall colors in the background”

  1. Brenda

    Hi Denton,

    Do you have a link to the “no traffic” photo?

    Love your blog … it is my first stop at the computer every morning!

  2. Denton

    Brenda, I hope you check back. The link to “no traffic” has been added … Last night I lost Internet access before I could add the link … thanks for visiting daily … I’m flattered.

  3. Marsha

    I visit daily too. It’s one of the highlights of my morning (besides that much-needed cup of coffee).

    Glad you added the no traffic photo. It really has a whole different look and feel.

  4. Brenda

    Thanks for the update Denton. You’re right … the feel of the photo is totally different sans automobiles!

  5. Terri

    Hey Denton!!
    I’m another daily visitor. I enjoy looking to see what you have online every day. Thanks for all the great photos.


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