The rugby field at Furman University

The rugby field at Furman University in Greenville, Sc.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 10/28/2008.
I’m sharing one more photo from Furman University today and I promise to move on to other subjects tomorrow. However, I really like the photo opportunities are Furman and I fully intended to return for another photo shoot … Today’s photo is of the rugby field in the evening sun … Lush green expanses of grass are a luxury in Greenville because most landscaping is dominated by our trees. Having originally being raised in Texas, where wide expanses of land were common and trees were rare, it is a treat to live in Greenville where the opposite is true. However, I found this photo especially appealing with all the open space … Also, please note the Fall colors. This will most likely be a taste of future photos over the next few weeks.

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  1. Zsolt72

    Great composition with this original blue and green!:) And the autumn colors make the “border” even more beautiful.

    Take part in our new Budapest quiz!:)

  2. Virginia

    Thanks, Denton! This is an amazing picture. Don’t worry about taking Furman picctures; they have a lovely campus that is a perfect place for someone of your talent.

  3. deana

    I miss green the most when I think of home (the upstate). North Texas doesn’t have enough of it, or any other colour for that matter. Of course there are always the sunsets.

    I definitely look forward to seeing your photos of the autumn colours!

  4. Marsha

    Great photo, Denton! I heartly agree that the Furman U campus is a wonderful place to go on a photo shoot. I was there both in the early and late spring shooting in their rose garden and along the lake and plan to return as the fall colors get closer to peak here in the Greenville area.

  5. John Roberts

    Thanks for this awesome shot of our rugby field. The rye grass really makes the pitch sparkle. This year, we just added some seating to the area to create a mini-stadium. John Roberts, Men’s Rugby Coach

  6. Denton

    Zsolt, thanks. I was pleased with how the photo turned out.

    Blognote, you are right about the crisp air adding to the color. The evening sun helps as well.

    Virginia, Furman is a beautiful campus … Thanks for your complement.

    Deana, I miss the open space which is so abundant in North Texas.

    Marsha, yes Furman is one of Greenville’s treasures.

    John Roberts, thanks for your complement and congratulations to you for what you have created.

  7. Lisa

    Such a lovely shot! Love the view point and the long depth of field. I feel like I can see a really long way. Goes beautifully with your blog colours too:)


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