The Corner Pocket at Brown and Coffee Street

The Corner Pocket at the intersection of Brown and Coffee in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 8/8/2008
Last night I took this photo on my walk home from work. As you can tell I did a little PhotoShop post processing. However, the sky was vivid … Interestingly I missed the really vivid colors by less than one minute. I enjoyed the colors of the sunset thinking I would take a photo in two blocks. By the time I got there the colors were greatly reduced.

The photo shows the intersection of Brown and Coffee Street (map location). To the left a few doors is Coffee Underground which frequent visitors know I have photographed often. To the left of the Corner Pocket is Addy’s Dutch Cafe and Restaurant. On the right side of the photo you can make out Brown Street Jazz (behind the Antiques sign).

PS: This photo was used to accompany a poem by John Eells called Answered Prayer.

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  1. denton

    Ann, I have added a map location link to my post to help identify the location. In add I have identified a few of the businesses in the photo and/or close to the location.

  2. Marsha

    Nice photo. I what you did with the sky.

    I knew where Coffee Underground and the Corner Pocket were, and now I know where Addy’s Dutch Cafe and Brown Street Jazz are too! Thanks for that.

  3. Rock

    Ahhh…. Denton…. that’s my favorite pub downtown. I frequent it a good bit. Now you have me here at work longing for a Black and Tan. That’s just mean !! hehehe. Great photo…. love what you did to it with Photoshop.

  4. Lynette

    This reminds me of those old linen postcards, Denton, you know, the ones saturated with color. It’s wonderful.

  5. Rick Forest

    I have a box of those old postcards. They belonged to my Mom, who collected them as
    a child.The coloration back then,I suppose was the result of a paint brush and a vivid
    imagination.I use them occasionally to paint buildings which no longer exist,into murals.
    Nice work Denton. You always keep things fresh by comming up with something different.

  6. John Eells

    I love this photo. I wrote a poem that was inspired by a meeting at the Corner Pocket. Would you consider letting me use the photo on my blog with the poem? The Poem is called Answered Prayer.

  7. John Eells

    Thank you kindly!
    I linked the photo to your website and posted the site as a link at the bottom of the poem. Thanks again, John


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