Red dirt and white tower

Scott Tower in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman in on 3/20/2008.
Today’s photo is of construction work at Logan Park with Scott Tower in the background. Dirt is a rare scene in Greenville. We normally have grass, flowers, and pine needles covering the ground. I’m not sure if the construction is for new housing or a complete rework of the park. Possibly a local reader can provide some insight.

PS: Some Google research has turned up the answer. At the GreeterGreenville website under the haynie-sirrine master plan section I found a document which includes a recommendation to create an important public space to honor the memory of Miss Ellie Mae Logan. The recommendation includes a park and townhouses. The document has detail and drawings for the project. The document also includes a photo of the park before the construction started.

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  1. Lynette

    Thanks, Denton, for the red dirt. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any that color, since we left Mississippi in June 2006. Nice photo.

  2. Abraham Lincoln

    It is red dirt. Something we do not see up here but look for it in Georgia. A nice photograph.

    Imagine this:
    Take a picture of your car with you seated in it, going down the super highway at 65 mph. I just put this on my Brookville blog this morning.

  3. fitzthecat

    The picture isn’t clear on the exact shape but it could be part of the greenway that is currently under construction. There are several places where I have seen red dirt and signs, Cleveland Park for one.

  4. Lynette

    Denton, Mama said to tell you hi back and that she’s had those Tupperware salt and pepper shakers since the 1960s. I got myself a great big hug, too. Thanks!

  5. knox white

    The “red dirt” is preparation for a new affordable housing project….one of two for this long neglect neighborhood known as Haynie/Sirrine.

    Always enjoy your work and appreciate the opportunity you give to others to share the Gville experience.

  6. Denton

    Knox, it is great to have the mayor as a reader. Thanks for commenting and for the detail about the housing project in the Haynie/Sirrine neighborhood.


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