Sunlight in the Pendleton Street area

Sunlight in the Pendleton Street area of West Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 2/27/2008.
Several readers commented on the light in yesterday’s photo. So today I’m sharing a photo of the source of that light. You can see some people on the right side of today’s photo painting an awning of a studio soon to open. Here is a another view of their painting effort.

6 Responses to “Sunlight in the Pendleton Street area”

  1. Kim

    Denton, a very nice sunset light! And, I really like that fancy sidewalk. Is that something the city put in or was it funded by a private commercial or residential entity? It looks great with the light at that angle.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Denton

    Kim, thanks. The sidewalk appears to have been paid for privately. The sidewalk shown is only one block long and does not match others in the area.

    Helen, I was pleased. Check out tomorrows photo. It has the same lighting effect as yesterdays.

    Abe, yes the power pole has seen better days. But it does add a point of interest to the photo.

    Zsolt, thanks. The challenge with evening lighting is that the time is limited. I actually chased the light and missed a couple of shots I really wanted to take. Saw them from a distance and they were gone by the time I walked a block.


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