Blue sky and colorful buildings on a sunny Fall day

Blue sky and colorful buildings on a sunny Fall day in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at on 12/12/2007.
Yesterday, at lunch, I went for a walk and enjoyed the weather. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the temperature was unseasonably warm. The photo today shows all those elements plus some colorful buildings on Main Street.

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  1. ann

    Lovely photo. Yes Zsolt it seems that winter is holding off from the South at this time. Thankfully we are not having the bad winter weather as in so many of the other states.

    Denton, one of the things I enjoy in cities such as Greenville, specially downtown is looking at the architecture.

  2. Carolyn

    an unseasonably warm day and a beautiful blue sky…….one of many reasons to live in South Carolina…….here in Charleston we’re expecting another day with tempratures into the low 80’s

  3. Helen

    I really like the colors here! The weather here in Albuquerque has gone WINTER. It snowed yesterday. No accumulation here in the city but the mountains are beautiful!

  4. Chris

    We had very warm weather this week, too. . .76 yesterday. Today it’s quite a bit colder.

    I love the colors in the building and sky, Denton. Very nice.

  5. denton

    Zsolt, we have had some cold weather and expect it to return this weekend. However today it was 78 degrees Fahrenheit which calculates to 26 degrees Celsius. Very warm for December.

    Ann, I also like the architecture and am pleased that Greenville is renovating so many of the buildings downtown.

    Carolyn, yes your right. We certainly have mild winters. I often tell people that we have 2 months which are hot, 2 months which are a little cool, and 8 months of heaven.

    Helen, you make we want to sky Taos again.

    Chris, thanks. I enjoy our mild winters. We have four distinct seasons but none are very extreme.

  6. bluechic

    That’s a very nice photo of these buildings and the sky and the bare branches of the trees–and wow, I read your reply to Carolyn–ok we’re jealous…!


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