Reflections of Fall foliage

Reflections of Fall foliage in downtown Greenville, SC.  This photo was taken by Denton Harryman and posted at GreenvilleDailyPhoto on 11/26/2007.
Sunday, the sky was gray so I chose to take a photo of Fall foliage. This is a reflection in the Bowater building in downtown Greenville. One of the nice things about Greenville is the variety of trees. As a result there are trees which have lost their leaves while others are still brightly colored … The question is, since this is a reflection photo why am I not in the reflection? I’ll share the answer later today in a post script.

PS:  Ian, a fellow Daily Photo Blogger from Sanabis Bahrain,  had the correct answer.  The glass is curved … Ian’s only prize is a lot of visits from all of our readers who will click on his link above … Please follow his link and leave him a comment. I know he will consider that a prize.

12 Responses to “Reflections of Fall foliage”

  1. Ian Hamzah

    WOW, nice picture Denton!
    I think i want to try to answer the reason why you are not in the picture. First, the window wall is not in a straight position, it has angle. Second, if you see it carefully, the picture of the center tree with red leaves (are they Maple tree?) is not sichronized and last the building also somehow do not fit each other. There are some missing parts!!! (where you suppose to be standing) :P
    Are my guesses correct? Well have a nice day Denton!!

  2. Galley

    Denton must’ve stood to one side of center for the first photo, and then to the other side for the second. All he did was join the two halves without his image in them, together.

  3. denton

    Thanks for your guesses. I added a post script explaining that Ian had the correct answer. The glass is curved.

    Lynette, thank you.

    Ian, way to go. You guessed it straight away. I hope you receive lots of visits from our readers.

    ann, thanks.

    Galley, I did not have to work nearly that hard to disappear.

    Lessie, I liked the color. Not bad for a gray day.

    Rich, thank you.

    Ed, thank you. I appreciate that.

    Annie, you’re are right. Ian is the man.

  4. Wayne

    Cool pic Denton.
    How weird that I was taking pics like that here, just two days ago!
    Of course, no fall color like that.

  5. Kristi

    Before I saw the answer, my guess was that you used a self-timer. I would have never come up with the right answer…too complicated for me! (and the leaves are fantastic!)

  6. Ian

    Geez, Denton!

    Thank you, I never thought that I gave the right answer LOL please bear with my english lol I a still struggling with it. Thank you for showing my link, I hope your fan reader find my Sanabis DP insteresting and leave good comments :P

    Looking forward for the next game or quizz or puzzle


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